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girlscliquefic's Journal

Girls Clique Fiction Challenge
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girlscliquefic is a challenge fanfiction community for Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This community is open to everyone, but only alias_lilacgirl, snoopygirll and theferretgirl will be issuing challenges. Each challenge will be announced on Fridays and will run for two weeks. But remember, we are located on different parts of the globe. So it might be Thursday, Friday or Saturday, depending upon where you are. :-)

1. Stories must feature characters from Angel and/or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

2. Stories must conform to the challenge.

3. Stories can be no shorter than 100 words and no longer than 5000 words. If over 100 words,
please use <”lj-cut”>.

4. Please state the rating of the story and any warnings. Like character death or spoilers. And if your story contains these, please use <”lj-cut”>.

5. Do not post more than three responses to the challenge.

6. No flaming, no bashing and no name calling.

7. Ah, anything else I have forgotten that we will add later. We are Gods and we control the universe. Okay, maybe just this one little corner of it.