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Within You, Without You - Ats - S5 - Gunn/Wesley - PG13

Within you, Without you

Gunn gave it a lot of thought. It wasn't something he wanted to blunder into blindly, thinking it was a good idea just to have it turn around and bite him on the ass. Like what happened to Lorne. Sure having your sleep removed sounds like a good idea at the time, until your subconscious turns into the Incredible Hulk and tries to flatten you. He bets Freud would have a field day with that one.

So a week after Thanksgiving, Gunn makes an appointment with the Psyche Component Removal department. It's purposely scheduled for middle of the day when it's less suspicious, perfectly innocent. As innocent as a trip down to have something from your head removed could be.

Walking into the room, he gets the heebie-jeebies. It's surrounded with coolers straight out of a convenience store, but they don't hold sodas. God, and the inventory clerk, only knows what they contain.

"You must be Mr. Gunn," an old man with really thick glasses approached him. He looked like some ancient pediatrician instead of...whatever it's called they do here.

"Ah, yeah," Gunn shook the old man's hand.

The doctor shuffled his way over to a dentist's chair and gestured for Gunn to sit. It reminded Gunn too much of the lawyer upgrade, but he did his best to squash the fear.

"You want something removed," the doctor asked, picking up a file which was lying on a cabinet.

Gunn looked around at everything, but there wasn't much to look at. More coolers, a couple of metal cabinets, no clue what was involved. But Lorne gave the impression it quick and painless. He answered, "Yeah."

The doctor rolled over a little stool and sat down next to Gunn's side, "And that would be?"

Taking a deep breath, Gunn answered, "Lust."

The doctor merely nodded and started scribbling down in the file, "That's pretty common here. Lust of what? Lust of money, power, a person?"

"A person," Gunn stared up at the drop panel ceiling.

"Ah, someone you know?"

"Yeah," he could actually hear the pen scratching on the paper.

"You wish to remember this person afterwards?"

This got Gunn's attention, he turned to the doctor, "Yeah, I need to."

The doctor nodded, "Are you close to this person?"

"Yes. He's...I guess you could say he's my best friend."

The doctor wrote some more then stopped and looked up at Gunn. This truly frightened him. "Am I to assume, if he is your best friend, you love him in some fashion."

"Well, yeah. But," he stared up again, wishing the doctor was taking notes instead of staring at him. "But I have other feelings too. Wrong feelings. Lust. That's what I need to be removed."

Slowly the doctor shook his head and closed the file, "I'm afraid that isn't possible." He levered himself off the stool and started a shuffling pace. "You see, I can remove the lust. But attached to the lust is the love you have for your friend." He paused, letting the news sink in. "To remove the lust is to remove the love is to remove the bonds of your friendship."

"Oh," Gunn stared down at his shoes, noticing they were brown. He didn't even know he owned brown shoes. "So my choices are all or nothing?"


Gunn nodded and got out of the chair. "Thanks," he said. "I'll think about it."

The doctor nodded again and watched Gunn leave.

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