LilacGirl (alias_lilacgirl) wrote in girlscliquefic,

Happy Birthday Snoopy!

Yeah, I know, not fitting with the whole Christmas theme, but it's fitting in with the Snoopy Birthday theme. Even though I wrote in my vague, non graphic style which drives her nuts. ;-)

Oh, and myska_x, this is for you too.

"No hitting, no biting, no poisoning," Xander read off his list. "No dying, no blood play, no spells, no idols, no impregnation."

Spike sat in his chair, utterly bored, "Impregnation of whom?"

Xander thought, "Either. Both." He resumed his list, "No demons."


"Except," Xander continued, annoyed at being interrupted, "Spike."

"Oh, okay then. What about Clem?"

"Ew, no!"

"Aw, c'mon, he's a good bloke."

"I repeat, 'Ew, no!'"

"What about Dawn?"

"She's not a demon, she's a mystical being. Number fifty-two on the list," Xander pointed out.

"Blimey," Spike rose and looked over Xander's shoulder. "How long is this bloody list?" He silently read all the limitations Xander had written out. Snickering at number sixteen "No Watchers...unless they are watching." Spike snuggled up close to Xander, hugging him tight, resting his chin on Xander's shoulder. "So what's left for us to do? A chaste kiss before retiring to our separate beds?" Spike pouted.

Xander turned over the piece of paper which had a longer list than the first. Kissing was first, then touching, rubbing, stroking, squeezing, licking and several other enjoyable activities. Further the list got, the more creative it was. Number sixteen was "Watchers watching."

Xander pointed to number 47, "I was thinking about that."

Spike raised an eyebrow and lewdly ground himself against Xander. "Really? Didn't think you'd be into that?"

"It was in a porn I downloaded. It seemed like fun. Or we could always do the classic number sixty-nine."

Spike's hands started to stray further down to Xander's hips, lacing his fingers through the belt loops of Xander's jeans. "I bet you purposefully came up with over sixty-nine to use that little joke."

"It wasn't that hard. The Joy of Gay Sex was right there."

"Is that were thirty-seven came from?" Spike started nibbling on Xander's earlobe. It was number forteen.

"No," Xander was squirming. "I was making a sandwich and it came to me."

"Really," Spike purred. "Let's do that one."

"Do you like peanut butter?"

"I do now."

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