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S/X Fic for Snoopy

“Ahem,” Xander cleared his throat and then looked upward at the straggly piece of greenery hanging down from the door jam.

Spike stopped tampering with the eggnog and looked at him. “Oh yeah,” he screwed the lid back onto his flask. “They have some mold problem, they should check into that.”

“It’s mistletoe and I’ve been standing under this thing all night. So far I’ve been kissed by Willow, Tara, Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Ms Buffy’s Mom and Giles,” Xander did a little shudder at the last name.

Spike couldn’t stop the smile. Ol’ Rupes was a good sport when he was in a good mood and given the right number of bills. “Sounds like you’ve had a busy night.” He sauntered over, but stopped just out of reach.

Xander grabbed the lapels of Spikes beat-up duster and pulled him into the doorway, smashing his lips against his. It wasn’t really a kiss, more like a blow, but with lips.

Once receiving his kiss, Xander let him go and walked into the living room vindicated. Spike looked up at the mistletoe. “Dare you to eat it,” he teased, “Heard they taste like blueberries.”

Xander looked at it. “It’s probably fake.”

“Nope, Red got it.” Spike went back into the dinning room and poked his head into the kitchen where everyone else was. “Hey, is the ‘toe real?”

An insulted looked came across Willow’s face, “Of course it’s real.” She continued drying the dishes Giles handed her.

Spike went bouncing back to Xander, ripping down the plant as he went. “C’mon. Give you five dollars.”

“How stupid do you think I am? You don’t have five dollars.”

Conspiratorially, Spike looked behind him then leaned in close. “I could do that thing with my tongue tonight.” Just to prove his point, a little pink tip sneaked out and licked his lips.

Xander’s eyebrows arched. “That thing which I really like?”

“Yeah,” the wolfish grin on Spike was a little unnerving.

Xander took the mistletoe from Spike and examined it. How bad could it be? He ate the spinach casserole thing Anya made.

Taking a deep breath, Xander chomped down on the whole thing in one bite, careful of the wire hanger. He chewed and chewed and swallowed and tried his best not to taste. “Urgh!” Xander ran to the nearest trashcan to spit out the rest when the bitter nastiness finally reached his taste buds.

At the sound of Xander almost retching, everyone came out of the kitchen. “Should I even ask what you two are doing?” asked Buffy.

Spike was laughing, “I bet him to eat the mistletoe. Can’t believe he actually did.”

Willow’s face fell, “Oh. That’s bad.”

Xander was still trying to scrape the stuff off his tongue. “Bad, why is it bad?”

“Mistletoe is poisonous,” informed Giles.

“Poisonous?” He shot a glare at Spike who was no longer laughing. “You made me eat poisonous mistletoe!”

“I didn’t know it was gonna kill you.”

“Okay, okay,” Joyce stepped into the middle. “The important thing is getting Xander to the ER.” Giles dutifully went to go get his coat.

“It just isn’t Christmas without a trip to the emergency room,” spoke Buffy.

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