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Dreams challenge

Because snoopygirll needs some lovin' too.

Some Spander Thing

Vampires dream. Xander thought it was kind of odd. They're dead, how can they dream? But they do or at least Spike does. It reminds Xander of watching dogs sleep. How they twitch, sometimes bark and growl. It's how Spike sleeps, with the barking and growling and everything.

It took Xander several nights together to get use to it. Having your lover growl in that, "You look nummy," sort of way is very unnerving and completely unsexy. But now he's accustomed to it. It's like snoring. A couple jabs in the ribs and Spike rolls over, quiet as the death and Xander tries not to think about he's lying in bed next to a corpse.

But this time it's different. Groggily and mostly asleep, Xander elbows Spike in the side, but he doesn't roll over and play dead. Instead he morphs into full vamp face and tries to take a bite out of Xander's arm.

Uttering a cry which could only be matched by Cordelia, Xander jumps out of bed and fumbles for the nearest stake, cross, holy water, clove of garlic. Anything! He finds a small wooden cross in the clutter of his dresser and holds it before him.

But Spike wasn't anywhere near him. He was still in bed. Still in vamp face, but no longer growling. That was good.

Shaken, Xander placed one foot behind the other and eased himself out of the bedroom.


Spike woke up cold and alone. If it wasn't for Xander's strong scent, Spike would have drifted back asleep. But his love should be in bed, keeping him warm and snuggled. He looked up at the clock and its annoying red numbers.

Casting off the sheets, Spike stumbled his way into the living room where Xander was asleep on the couch in front of the TV. In one hand he had the remote, the other a cross.

"Xan," Spike shook his shoulder. "Xan, wake up and come to bed."

Xander came awake with a start and brandished the remote control in Spike's face. "Back!" he yelled.

Spike looked at the remote, "You might want to try the other hand, luv."

"Oh," Xander went to switch but decided if Spike really did want to eat him, he would be dead. "You're not going to kill me?"

Mindful of the cross, Spike kissed him. "I can't shag you if you're dead. Well, I can but I'm not into that."

"But you tried to bite me earlier," he followed Spike back to the bedroom. "Bumps, fangs and everything."

"I did not," Spike got back into bed.

"You did too," Xander argued back. "You were dreaming and snarling. When I tried to get you to stop, you tired to take a tasty chunk out of my arm." Xander settled down into Spike's arms.

Spike kissed Xander's shoulder, "Don't poke me and you won't get bit."

"Don't snarl and I won't poke you."

"You're just asking me to bite you."

"No, asking would be, 'Spike, please drain all the precious blood from my veins.' No biting."

Spike pouted, "Not even a nibble?"



Xander thought about it, "Licking is okay."

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